I Believe In Miracles – GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE

They say the day is ending,
Let’s watch the Sun go down.
And plan a holiday for two.
We’ll go to Napoli by clouds
So you can see the world I created just for you.

I saw you standing on a street,
I’d like to meet you, stop a while,
And give you a smile to say hello.

You make me feel so good inside
I realize that loving you is worth the pain I’m going through.

I believe, I believe in miracles.
La, la, la

People never know it where they’re going
Or what they’re showing
So, come on girl and show a little love on me.

I don’t know what they are saying
Or what games that they are playing
Or if they’re playing the same old game on me.
So, let me tell you that

I believe in miracles, oh
Now, here we are together face to face forever
In the place that I created just for you
So, people have faith in what you feel
Believe in dreams as if they’re real
And what day soon your miracle will come through